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Marlies Barton with GypsyI’m sure you have a dog like ours; one sniff, one hint that a walk is in the planning, and they’re racing for the door.  For us it was:  “You wanna...?”  Because they are already out of the room before “...go for a walk” can come out.  Actually, just saying “wanna” is enough!


The walking part is the easy part; it’s the responsibility that comes with it that can be challenging.


You grab a used grocery bag and shove it into your pocket as quickly as you can because by now the secret is clearly out . . .  it’s walk time!

You later realize that the bag you took has a hole in it, or that it wasn’t the cleanest one of the bunch.  By the time you figure out a way to stick your hand in there without getting it dirty you’re three trees too slow.  “Hey!...What’s holdin’ up the walk?!”

Here is where the story of the Bowzer Buddy truly begins:


One day, at a family picnic, all that was available to pick-up after Gypsy, was a zip-lock sandwich bag.


What a luxury!!    One pull and the bag was closed.  But the bag was the wrong size, material, not practical in terms of cost, and the zip-lock (although simple) was a bit too awkward and stiff to operate.


It felt like an improvement from using regular old grocery bags, but to be honest, both of them still didn’t seem right.  I was helping the environment by picking up after my dog, but I was also harming it by adding more non-biodegradable material to landfills.  It was like cleaning one side of the road but dumping everything on the other. That’s when the light went on and the Bowzer Buddy was conceived.


I realized a Bowzer Buddy could be much more than just a great poop pickup bag.


For example, that excited rush to get out the door with Gypsy often left me forgetting something.  I can’t even count how many times I left without grabbing a house key; or wish I just had a few dollars to conveniently pick-up something while I was out.   Perhaps Gypsy deserved to have a doggie treat for such good behavior.  The solution to all this soon became so clear to me.


First,  I created the perfect pickup pouch (in purple).

  • No holes...what a clean and sanitary  relief
  • The right size
  • Closes easily and automatically with one pull
  • No awkward, clumsy pulling a bag off a roll
  • 100% bio-degradable    

Next, I created the perfect way to dispense the pickup pouches conveniently...a Buddy!

  • The Bowzer Buddy easily holds 15 bags at once
  • Cleverly dispenses the poop pouches one at a time
  • Has a zippered compartment for keys, cash, and more
  • It acts like a small purse or wallet
  • Is just as ready for a walk as my dog

 That was it!  The best all-in-one “grab it and go” for dog walking.  A caribiner completes the Bowzer Buddy for easy attachment to a loop, keeping my hands always free.


And now I don’t even have to say “You wanna...?”  I just hold up the Bowzer Buddy and it’s clear that it’s walk time!  And when I hold it up, I’m ready too...because everything I need is right there!


Happy walking,

                     Marlies Barton


The Bowzer Buddy has been in development for more than five years.

and is lovingly dedicated to the memory of our Gypsy.

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