Poop Bags

BowZer Buddy Pickup Pouch

BowZer Buddy -- ready to go when Bowzer is!

pawprint 20pxAll your dog walking needs in one place

pawprint 20pxHandy zipper compartment (holds everything!)

pawprint 20pxEasy 1-hand use to allow better dog control

pawprint 20pxQuick & easy dispensing of self-closing pouches

pawprint 20pxCompletely sanitary / 100% biodegradable

bags are biodegradableOur Perfect Poop Pick-Up Pouches
are 100% Biodegradable - GO GREEN!

The plastic used in BowZer Buddy Bio Bags contains an additive that works to degrade the plastic materials from which they are made in the following ways:

  • Degradation is triggered by time, UV light, Heat and Mechanical Stress.
  • Degradation time for the total degrading of the plastic is between 3-5 years.
  • Remaining substances are only H2O (water), CO2 (carbon dioxide), and biomass.


How BowZer Buddy Works:

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The BowZer Buddy makes dog walking easy and convenient with all your dog walking needs in one place. The carabiner clip attaches easily to the belt loop or onto the leash. The BowZer Buddy is always ready to go when you are and you will always have everything with you. Plenty of 100% biodegradable Perfect Poop Pickup Pouches, personal ID, money, wet wipes, dog treats, and more. It can even hold a cell phone or iPod!